best glock drum magazine

December 22, 2020

I wish all mags were made like this one - it appears to be an extrusion rather than folded sheet metal, is blued and looks real classy! You do not pay anything extra and your Wished I had read your comment earlier this month. Will have to test more. Now I'm stuck with oddly long 7rd mags. Things might be different if ProMag priced these magazines according to quality, but in a lot of cases they cost just as much, or only a hair under Magpul and ETS magazines. KCI Glock .40 S&W Drum Magazine - 50rd | Fits Glock 22, 23, 27, 35. The magazine began to spontaneously release simply by pushing it against a sandbag rest or my body after less than 50 rounds had been fired. At this time Magpul is only selling 9mm Glock magazines, but I imagine they will expand this as time passes. Depending on the size, some of the magazines will come with multiple witness holes to help with getting a rough count on the bullets left in the mag. Over this time, they've also had multiple generations of Glock magazines. Glock also offers plenty of high capacity magazine options. This 40-round drum magazine features a polymer back for , along with a set of finger tabs to make reloads quick and easy. My 33 rd mag makes me have a few fliers. While they make very affordable products, they have mixed reviews online. Plus, something about seeing a 12 rounder peeking out the rear of a Glock 42 is hilarious. However, they are rock solid magazines. Bought a couple of G17/G19 31-round RWB magazines from (They currently ship to California as of August/Sept 2020 - Woo hoo!) The only issue I have seen with Ets glock 43 mags is the spring tightness. These magazines that are worthy of both defensive use and competition use. which drum magazine would be best served as a ''going to war item'' that Bulgarian circle 10 looks nice and im sure is probably exceptional, but it is a little pricey, but if thats the best there is then i might go for it. When we move on to the double stacks we see a pretty big increase as well. Are there any 1911 platforms that might take the G21 mag? AK-V 9mm 50-round Drum Magazine – OD Green – … See-Through Plastic, Because it's Awesome. They have both single-stack and double-stack mags, plus high capacity magazines like the 31-round extended 9mm mags for the G17,18,19, 26, 34, and 45. 5stars from me. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I agree! Then I will be happy. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. We've covered these pistols in both our best 9mm pistol and best 9mm pocket pistol guides. They went wrong saving money on the springs and its fixable. KCI USA is a Korean manufacturer that produces super affordable, all-polymer magazines for a very low price. They can be dropped over and over, kicked, thrown and tossed and they just keep working as smoothly as ever. Glock Oem Magazine, 9mm, 19rd, 17rd With +2 Base Plate, Coyote Brown Finish, Fits Glock 17/34, Bulk Packaging 33834Product Type: MagFinish/Color: Coyote BrownFit: Glock OEM 17/34Caliber: 9MM $30.13. X Products manufacturers the ultimate firearms experience with a full line of .223 and .308 High Capacity Magazines. Final Thoughts on the Best Glock Pistols. Outstanding value at less than half the price of factory Glock magazines. They tend to be more expensive than some of our upcoming recommendations, but Glock mags are as reliable as they get and you don’t need to worry about what you’re getting from your investment. Overall, however, these are excellent magazines that are effective, affordable, and dead nuts reliable. The KCI Glock mags also require a good cleaning every 700 to 800 rounds, otherwise the fouling causes rounds in the mag to jam up and get lodged inside the mag. Many retailers will no longer carry them because of customer complaints, so be wary. This verbiage is also found if you visit TTI's page for the baseplates. Looking for the best Glock magazines? The G19 — especially in the Gen5 configuration — gives us the best of what Glock has to offer. My experience with ProMag has been with their 1911 mags, their AK mags, and one solitary 10 round Glock mag a guy at the gun store gave me. Can't rack slide with 12+1, FTL on first shot, and random FTL after. This has me thinking about buying both weapons, as I value swap-ability in both ammo and magazines between platforms. The 27 and 24 round magazines are for IPSC and are 170mm. They are available as box and even drum types for 9mm. Sgm tactical magazines 33rd, got several for my AR9. With that being said, it's best to buy the appropriate generation of magazine for your generation of pistol. So a full-size Glock 17 magazine (9mm) will work in smaller Glocks like the 19 and the 26. Firearm won't cycle for several months with 12 rounds. When it comes to aftermarket Glock magazines, one of my hands-down favorites are the translucent mags from Elite Tactical Systems. When I go to the range, I want to dedicate my time to shooting, not loading mags, especially if the range charges by the hour. RWB Glock .45ACP Drum Magazine - 40rd | Gen 2 | Fits all double stack Glock .45 Caliber Pistols. Check them out. I could attempt to buy the 8rd mag plate for a more flush fit to the grip, but I really don't feel like giving this company any more business. Now if Only we can find a manufacturer that can do a G20 Mag that hold 10 rounds of .38 super. Part of that success is due to a massive aftermarket, and the magazine aftermarket has only recently begun to grow. They stand out from other magazines because ETS produces them from a translucent polymer, which gives them a unique appearance. They can be had for as little as $20 each and are the most reliable option available. Glock OEM mags use witness holes, but ETS magazines use witness everything. Currently they have around 1300 rounds through each of them and all three create stovepipe malfunctions. Hi-Point … Glock drum comparison turned into I don’t know what you call it but it was fun and they run pretty damn good. It will fit and function in all Glock 9mm handguns (except the Glock 43). Cost me points. KCI also makes your standard 15 & 17 round mags for 9mm ($8.99), as well as a 33 round magazine ($12.99). Fits all generation Glock Pistols (Glock 22, 23, 35, & 27) and AR-40 Lower Receivers designed for Glock style magazines Dimensions: 9.625 x 3.25 x 5.5 in Unloaded Weight: 1.7 lbs. //

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