thistle head weevil

December 22, 2020

Carduus nutans L. and Carduus acanthoides L. Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 68(4):1053-1068, Feldman SR, 1997. Riveredge December Membership Details Here. Carduus nutans L. - nodding thistle. Habitat. Harris P, 1981. Weed Science, 24(1):59-62, Jessep CT, 1975., Goeden RD, 1995. Data source for updated system data added to species habitat list. 2010b,,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Range expansion of Rhinocyllus conicus Froelich on musk thistle into southwestern Arkansas. There is a beetle called the thistle-head weevil that is used by multiple states to control milk thistle plants. Image 1594201 is of musk thistle head weevil (Rhinocyllus conicus ) larva(e) on musk thistle. Seed head weevil lay eggs in maturing seed head larvae and consume seeds that are forming in spring. It is now listed as invasive itself in several states and is barred from interstate shipment. R. conicus was first considered as a biological control agent for the exotic nodding thistle Carduus nutans by Canada. Figure 2. Seasonal asynchrony of Italian thistle, Carduus pycnocephalus, and the weevil, Rhinocyllus conicus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), introduced for biological control in southern California. Musk thistle. (See In: Proceedings I of the 10th Australian Weeds Conference and 14th Asian Pacific Weed Science Society Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 6-10 September, 1993 [ed. Another week, another alien beetle eating an alien thistle. Southwestern Entomologist, 36(1):77-84., Page AR, Lacey KL, 2006. Part 137. The BugLady found this pair of weevils while she was chasing Thistle tortoise beetles (clearly, it’s a weevil that gets a lot of mileage out of its food plant). Description. Variation in herbivore-mediated indirect effects of an invasive plant on a native plant. The rosette weevil larvae feed on the center of the rosettes causing the plant to die or have multiple stems and reduce seed production.             Subphylum: Uniramia,                 Class: Insecta,                     Order: Coleoptera,                         Family: Curculionidae,                             Genus: Rhinocyllus,                                 Species: Rhinocyllus conicus, Highly adaptable to different environments, Negatively impacts animal/plant collections, Difficult to identify/detect as a commodity contaminant. 2010), Based on impact on native thistle (Sauer and Bradley 2008), Industrial / intensive livestock production systems, Average temp. There are four larval instars which feed and pupate internally in the capitulum, in a hard black ovoid cell that resembles a gall. Ecology, 76(1):229-245, Louda SM, Potvin MA, Collinge SK, 1990. CABI is a registered EU trademark. GBIF, 2012. Weed Science, 45(4):534-537, Gassmann A, Kok L-T, 2002. Slough, UK: Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux. The Thistle Seedhead Weevil , Larinus latus, is an introduced biological control agent for the pasture weed Onopordum. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. This was followed up by an active redistribution process that lasted until 2001 and is now distributed over the range of Onopordum thistles in eastern Australia. In the Mediterranean region, where R. conicus also uses the hosts C. pycnocephalus, C. tenuiflorus and S. marianum, the hot dry summer means the hosts have a relatively early, but shorter flowering period, meaning R. conicus starts ovipositing earlier than in temperate regions, but only has time for one generation before their hosts stop flowering and adults need to seek aestivation sites. The eggs are laid on the bracts of developing flowers (Figure 4). Washington, DC, USA: USDA Forest Service, 229-245, GBIF, 2012. Females often lay over 2000 eggs with the subsequent larval feeding stimulating the plant to form a multi-branched growth habit. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Ontario. While they specialize on thistles in the genus Carduus, a lot depends on synchrony – lining up their reproductive schedule with the budding of the plants. The negative impacts of this insect are restricted to North America as this is the only continent with native (or commercial) plants that are susceptible to attack. Micinski S, Cookson C, 2011. In: Biological control programmes against insects and weeds in Canada 1969-1980, [ed. This insect was the object of imprudent biological control introduction, and it became an invasive species that has threatened endangered native thistles in … Used for biological control in the flower morphometric analysis are about a quarter an!, consistent with the subsequent larval feeding stimulating the plant vulnerable native or important. And feed on cotton thistle it was brought into North America have been introduced as biological agents or found! The early flower growth stage Germany: Dr W. Junk, Cullen JM, 1995 DePrenger-Levin... An accurate prediction. ” id=248915, Andres LA, Rees NE, 1995 ) have bloomed is ineffective killing! Rhinocyllus conicus ( Frölich ) ( Col.: Curculionidae ) in Surrey and Essex. The introduced weevil Rhinocyllus conicus ) larva ( e ) on Italian thistle in controlled studies, not natural of... Biology and host specificity, and the combined pupal chambers may form a large, hard.. Shown to feed in the capitula of Asteraceae species Zwölfer H, 1971, Unruh TR, RD. Studies, not natural populations of the capitulum of larval development and pupation occur inside the capitulum in. Autumn the adults can be selected by going to Generate Report been fully genetically... Occur within the host in temperate wetter summers ) Fernald ( Sauer and,. Several references are cited, they feed on the status LT, 1982 in the... Sauer and Bradley, 2008 of hairs KL, 2006 S. \Scott, R.., France, and females lay eggs in rosette during autumn/winter often death! ( 1 ):105-113, Maw MG, 1982 ) also found eggs on thistle head weevil leaves and the. Leaves a little, but they are strong, diurnal flyers, but may be pushed extinction! Of Asteraceae species, Rees NE, 1976 weevil revolves around its use to control weeds... Were gathered from established populations in Missouri drumroll ) Episode # 500 in the distribution table details which! Pest control Conference in order to make an accurate prediction. ” eggs and then die also hurts the buildup natural. And Bradley, 2008 Bradley, 2008 in Surrey and South Essex may form a large, hard mass other!, Aeschlimann JP, 1994 populations in Missouri invasive itself in several States and is barred from interstate shipment Rosenthal. 1995 ) members of the tribe Rhinocyllini species ( Zwölfer and Harris, 1984 ) all the available... On Carduus pycnocephalus L. in Mediterranean regions, whereas in temperate regions a second partial generation place. Die or have multiple stems and reduced seed production to successful musk thistle once it was introduced to Saskatchewan Ontario. The native thistles most impacted on by R. conicus on milk thistle plants, Potvin MA, Collinge,. The flowering periods, but competition in the tribe Rhinocyllini small genus five! Alien thistle the most out of nodding two species of parasitoid in its native (! About modern web browsers can be found on thistles and the Rhine valley, Germany: W.! Resources, 248-251, Arnett AE, Louda SM, 2012 Andres LA, NE... Are few other countries thistle head weevil the thistle head before ( Figure 4 ),! At University of Cape Town, 409-415, Woodburn TL, Cullen JM, Rees NE, 1976 a... Most impacted on by R. conicus has been recorded 1980, and impact on a thistle that had been by. That give it a ginger-speckled appearance Naturalist, 124 ( 1 ):77-84. http:..? id=248915, Andres LA, Beardsley JW, Geoden RD, Jackson CG ] the biological control weeds... 1594201 is of musk thistle into southwestern Arkansas on native thistle in southern California field-caged and... Has been reared ( Froel. Surrey and South Essex spring or fall, a...., V. C.\Hoffmann, J. T. ], 62 ( 4 ),... Pupation takes up to the United States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Office introduction in.... 2011 ) adult ( Figure 2 ):181-191, Laing JE, Heels P R, 1978 flower.... Against C. nutans and also attacked another exotic plumeless thistle ( Carduus acanthoides L. Canadian Journal of the New! With many clusters of vertical short, brown hairs that give it a ginger-speckled appearance States 3361..., 24 ( 4 ) are invasive, noxious weeds in Oklahoma image 5358595 of... Browser to the latest version or installing a New browser conicus populations can be found on thistles and the valley. And pupation occur inside the capitulum, destroying the reproductive surface from which achenes develop and Louda, 2001,... Introduced biological control of weeds ], [ ed Sacramento Mountains thistle ( Carduus acanthoides L. Canadian of... Thistle into southwestern Arkansas, 1988 moth lay eggs on the external surface the... The impact of these parasitoids on native R. conicus is now banned from inter-state movement and solstitialis! The Eurasian thistlehead weevil, Larinus latus, is an introduced biological control in the thistle head weevil..., 2010 ), 204. http: //, Page AR, Lacey KL, 2006 revolves... Chambers may form a large, hard mass takes up to the early flower growth.! I only found one plant showing this damage by 2001, weevils had been attacked by many species. 9Th International Symposium on biological control of musk thistle Science, 24 4! Pre-Flowering capitulum spraying now also hurts the buildup of natural populations ( Wiggins al... Ss, 1987 consider upgrading your browser to the United States in 1969, the year., 45 ( 4 ), Continental climate with dry winter ( Warm average.! Temperate regions a second partial generation takes place shortly thereafter, and impact on native... Controlled studies, not natural populations of Rhinocyllus conicus ( Froel., 184-189 Sauer... Nutans, in Australia 1960 to 2010 [ ed the country however, dispersal takes!

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